G410 Wonders of Whiskey Glass

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G410 Whisky Glass. A tulip-shaped, hand-crafted glass, slightly modified by Amber's expert hand-blowers.  Recommended for heavier peat-smoke whiskies. The tapered mouth nicely concentrates aromas ensuring maximum tasting and nosing satisfaction. Its delicate shape comes from a meticulous glass blowing process. The high, decorated stem emphasizes the shape of the bowl. The top of the bowl gently passes outwards which gives it an even more elegant look. A perfect gift for all “water of life” aficionados.  
  • Hand-blown lead-free crystal whisky glass
  • Special hand - made, decorated stem 
  • Increases aromatic notes
  • Special packaging guarantees 100% safety during shipping
  • Matte black satin box
  • Perfect gift for every whisky collectors

Artisan made each is truly 1 of a kind