Mindful Living 3 Month Journal- Summer Edition
Mindful Living 3 Month Journal- Summer Edition
Mindful Living 3 Month Journal- Summer Edition

Mindful Living 3 Month Journal- Summer Edition

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The Living Journal is a 3-month, seasonally centered journal, planner, magazine and life coach all rolled into one!

Specifically designed to gently guide you toward living a more authentic and intentional life.

The Living Journal truly offers you tools for recognizing beauty & joy, while softly training your mind to look for and pay greater attention to these small moments. Over time, as you exercise this “mindfulness muscle,” you may experience more happiness & improved well-being in your life. 

Carefully crafted selection of challenges, prompts, poems, stories, ideas & quotes are tailored to help you be more mindful, feeling more joy, and experiencing more gratitude. These gently usher you closer to living in a way that you feel in alignment with your values, giving you a better sense of what brings you true happiness.



Mindfulness Challenges & Intentions

The journal uses weekly mindfulness challenges that are crafted to help you practice managing your attention and achieve greater focus. The monthly calendars have both a place for you to set your intention for the month, as well as “Soft Focus” which is a suggested useful belief you may want to adopt by considering life from this viewpoint for the month.

Gratitude, Abundance, Affirmations

By using positive affirmations and alternating daily between listing what you are grateful for and the abundance of good things you already have in your life, you will increase your positivity & outlook, resulting in greater confidence, a feeling of empowerment and a higher self-esteem. 

Daily Prompts

Every day the Journal provides you with daily prompts aimed at helping you develop a better understanding of SELF, and what truly brings you Joy and Happiness. 

Vision Boards, Reflections & Dream Creation

Visualizing what you want to bring into your life can be a powerful tool. The journal provides a place for you to get creative in doing this. You can then use this to help you plan your steps needed to create your dreams. At the end of each month, you can reflect back on what is and isn’t working for you, as well as a blank page for notes, ideas or more visualization.

These elements, when used in concert with each other will help you become more clear on:


• Vision Board Space to envision your ideal life
• Dream Creation System to build annual, seasonal and monthly dream goals
• Monthly Calendar Pages to help you set intentions and project your course for the month ahead
• Weekly Pages full of mindful challenges, space to reflect, reminders to have fun as well as to say no, and so much more
• Daily Pages are designed for how you need them best to work for you! From intention reminders, to reflections to to-do’s
And of course, inspiring quotes and stories to support you on your journey to your best self

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